Programmed in Pencil is a bi-monthly meetup that brings together engineers from across the tech industry to listen to talks on digital product engineering.

Event Schedule (Timezone GMT)

  • 7:00pm

    Opening Remarks

  • 7:05pm

    The importance of creating APIs with security in mind

    In this talk, Jenny will discuss possible vulnerabilities within insecure APIs as outlined in OWASP API Top 10 of 2019 and how to write code that is secure from the risks posed by these vulnerabilities.

    by Jenny Potts

  • 7:25pm

    Jenny Potts interview

  • 7:35pm

    Handling SVGs - from opponent to component

    SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics is powerful for animations, creative graphics, and especially accessible icons in a web. But handling SVGs is challenging, since there isn't a single standard and one-fit-all solution. What are the obstacles in working with SVGs? How to we componentize SVGs in modern app effectively? Let's find out.

    by Maya Shavin

  • 7:55pm

    Maya Shavin Interview

  • 8:05pm

    Standardizing Select: What the future holds for HTML Controls

    Native HTML Form Controls can be some of the most painful elements to style and customize. 25 years after the first HTML Standard introduced them and developers have resorted to building custom controls from scratch to achieve what they need to. I’ll discuss the history behind native form controls, where we’re at presently with styling them and take a look at the proposed solutions by standards groups and browser vendors to standardize controls and solve the pain points developers have been complaining about for years.

    by Stephanie Stimac

  • 8:25pm

    Stephanie Stimac Interview

  • 8:35pm

    Wrap up

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