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Product engineering tech meetup

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27th July 2021 at 6:30pm BST

Programmed in Pencil is a bi-monthly meetup that brings together engineers from across the tech industry to listen to talks on digital product engineering.

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The Modern DXP - How JAMstack will change the world

This talk showcases the Digital Experience Platform of the future. I will outline how we used to build DXP's and what needs to change to modernize them. We are ready to take on (and out-perform) the status quo in enterprise software. We can now build global scale platforms and e-commerce sites with the tools we love: Jamstack, Vue.js, React, CDN edge, serverless and more. The old school dusty enterprise software that has historically been used to shape your online shopping experience is no more. The time is now for Jamstack!

by Tim Benniks


What’s it like being a Software Engineer & Tech Coach? My journey and experience learning through engaging with others

I recently started my role as a Software Engineer & Tech Coach at Tech Returners in March 2021. It’s a hybrid role which means I get to do tech coaching and software engineering. In this talk, I share my journey up to this point, what I do in my role and what it is like to balance learning and coaching. I also share some tips on how you can start engaging with others on technical concepts effectively. I also share realistic perspectives on what I enjoy the most about my role and what the most challenging aspects are and how I’m overcoming them.

by Kim Diep