Programmed in Pencil

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27th January 2021 at 7:00pm GMT

Programmed in Pencil is a bi-monthly meetup that brings together engineers from across the tech industry to listen to talks on digital product engineering.

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A journey into web development

In this talk, Faye shares details of her journey into tech and how joining a startup as an unpaid intern accelerated her learning journey

by Faye Sipiano


Linting - How to improve and enforce standards within your codebase.

We'll look into why you should use Linting, the options available to you, and how you can automatically adhere to your standards within a JavaScript application.

by Chris Bertrand


Things I've learned maintaining and migrating large codebases

In this talk Jack will share the lessons learned dealing with the intricacies of a large frontend codebase that's over 150,000 lines long and fifteen years old.

by Jack Franklin