Programmed in Pencil is a bi-monthly meetup that brings together engineers from across the tech industry to listen to talks on digital product engineering.

Event Schedule (Timezone BST)

  • 7:05pm

    Opening Remarks

  • 7:10pm

    Building high performing teams

    As engineers we would never dream of putting a product live, say, without having a means to monitor product health. Are customers converting? Is site performance in line with expectations?

    When it comes to running teams, many managers fly blind relying on lagging indicators such as delivery or just relying on “gut feel”. This is especially troublesome for managers of managers as problems are often found too late.

    We were inspired by Google’s project aristotle and built surveys to monitor 5 key team traits that are strong predictors of high performance. This allowed us to identify and improve teams and help support managers with a variety of techniques.

    by Ryan Greenhall

  • 7:20pm

    Ryan Greenhall interview

  • 7:30pm

    Building a multiplayer version of Space Invaders - Understanding game design and architecture

    “Do you play games?”.... Duh! “Ever thought of building one yourself?”...Yes, but, umm...

    Games innately seem difficult to build. With lots of moving pieces involved (quite literally), game development seems like it’s restricted to devs who’ve immersed their feet deep into the holy waters of networking, mathematics, graphics, and the like. However, with the web evolving ever so rapidly and with all the new protocols and libraries that have spanned in recent years, it’s now super simple to get started with building browser-based multiplayer games.

    In this talk, we'll understand the core elements of a web-based multiplayer game, including game design and architecture. We'll also understand how these concepts can be implemented to build a multiplayer version of Space Invaders, and of course, play that game together too!

    by Srushtika Neelakantam

  • 7:50pm

    Srushtika Neelakantam Interview

  • 8:00pm

    Images, pixels, canvas, tigers and bears...

    There is a lot of joy in putting pixels next to each other to create something nice. There is even more joy in making a computer do it for you and paint with code. In this talk Chris Heilmann is going to share his love for pixel graphics. You'll learn how to get images into the browser. We'll also use the canvas element to turn pixels into numbers and vice versa. All in plain vanilla JavaScript.

    by Christian Heilmann

  • 8:20pm

    Christian Heilmann Interview

  • 8:30pm

    Wrap up

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